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Jubah Morocco For Kids Modest Wear

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Jubah Morocco for kids designed specifically for children. The design is typically simple and modest. Our Jubah Morocco for kids is crafted from lightweight and breathable materials. These fabrics ensure that your child stays comfortable throughout the day. Featuring convenient necklines with zippers, our Jubah Morocco are easy for children to put on and take off. The short, loose sleeves ensure ease of movement and added comfort.



  • Made from comfortable and breathable fabric
  • Easy for children to put on and take off
  • Minimal ironing


  • Round neckline with the front zipper
  • Discreet right-side pockets for practicality, allowing children to carry small items.
  • Short sleeves to comfort in warm weather
  • Available in sizes from 2 to 12 
  • Limited in solid colors black and white
  • Loose-fitting to ensure comfort and ease of movement.
  • Material: Italian Cotton

Model Details: The model is wearing size 8

Disclaimer: Colour may be slightly different due to lighting.