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Kurung Kedah Renda Melissa Kids

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RM 189.00
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RM 189.00
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RM 219.00
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Baju Kurung Kedah embodies modesty and elegance, reflecting the cultural values of Malay attire. The loose-fitting design and attention to detail contribute to the overall refined and dignified appearance. Design and motif are inspired by traditional motifs, nature, or contemporary influences.

Limited edition piece
Made up from a high-quality fabric
Elegant and classy
Trendy lace design is selected

Round Neckline with the zip at the back of baju kurung
Regular fit
The pair features a loose and flowy silhouette, providing comfort and ease of movement
Side zipper and hook fastening
The elasticized waistband on the skirt
Available sizes from 2 to 12
Available in 7 colors
Material: Italian Satin

Model Details: The model is wearing size 8
Disclaimer: Color may be slightly different due to lighting

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-14 at 09.55.31 (2)